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Shakespeare From Page to Stage

The course meets three times a week, twice a week for the English perspective and once a week for the theatrical perspective. While Professor Vaughan is the English expert and Professor DiIorio the theater expert, both professors teach the sections of the course, each lending their particular background to the class. It is precisely this interaction between the professors' two disciplines that makes the course so active and interdisciplinary for the students as well as the professors themselves.

  • Twice a week the class meets for the literary portion of the course. During this session, students discuss and analyze the texts. Discussions include in-depth analysis of the historical information, background of the texts and Shakespeare's time and literary criticism.

  • One evening a week the course meets for the performance or theatrical component of the course. Typically, students meet in the blue room, a room off of Clark's theater, from 6 to 8:30. During that time students get up and put the plays on their feet. The students act out scenes from the plays discussed in the earlier session that week.


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