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CMLT174: Islands in the Stream Course Details


  • Edgardo Rodríguez Juliá. The Renunciation, Four Walls Eight Windows, 1997.
  • Joseph Zobel. Black Shack Alley, Three Continents Press, 1980.
  • Luis Rafael Sánchez. Macho Camacho's Beat, Dalkey Archive Press, 2001.
  • Maryse Condé. Crossing the Mangrove, Anchor-Doubleday, 1995.

Additional texts

  • M T. Babín and S. Steiner (eds.), Borinquen: An Anthology of Puerto Rican Literature. (selections)
  • Bernabé, Chamoiseau, Confiant, In Praise of Creoleness (selection).
  • Richard E. Burton, French and West Indians (selection)
  • Frantz Fanon, Black Skins, White Masks (selection).
  • Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth (selection)
  • Juan Flores, From Bomba to hip-hop (selection).
  • Edouard Glissant, Caribbean Discourse (selection).
  • José Luis González, 'The Four-Storeyed Country'.
  • René Marqués, 'The Docile Puerto Rican'.
  • Ramón Grosfoguel, Puerto Rican Jam (selection).
  • Ramón Grosfoguel, Colonial Subjects (chapter 7).
  • Antonio S. Pedreira, Insularismo (selection).
  • Mayra Santos (selected stories).
  • Ana Lydia Vega (selected stories).


  • 'Sugar Cane Alley'
  • 'Brincando el charco'


The assignments for the course are as follows:

Class participation 10%
Four response papers (3 pages each) 40%
One oral presentation on an essay or article 25%
A comparative final paper (6-7 pages) 25%
There will be no final exam for this course.


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