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CMLT174: Islands in the Stream Student Projects

The major project for the course is an oral presentation on one of the readings, which students are asked to do with a partner. After their presentation, students are asked to actively engage the class in a discussion about their analysis of the text. They are given detailed guidelines both on the content of their presentations (some of the themes to cover), and their delivery (pace, eye contact, etc.). They prepare two questions to generate class discussion. Accodring to Professor Ferly, "the discussions that followed the presentations have been one of the most rewarding aspects of the course."

Some of the class discussion topics have included:

  • the commodification or selling of national iconography
  • the realization that youth language sometimes restricts the expression of complex ideas
  • the ongoing legacy of colonialism; creolisation and cultural syncretism

Students then post these PowerPoint presentations on BlackBoard, Clark's interactive classroom.

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