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Doing Business with the Community:
Business Ethics/Case Studies


Note: Management courses are taught in modules.

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Week 1

1/20 Introduction to Business Ethics

  • o In-class case analysis: "Conscience or Competitive Edge?"
  • o Review syllabus

1/23 Can Business Ethics be Taught?

Read: MBE, Chapter 1
Read: "The Organization Kid" (
Due: Write a 2-3 page single-spaced letter to me. Answer the following questions:

  • Are you an "organization kid"? Why or why not?
  • Who are you?
  • What should I know about your moral and character development thus far?
  • What is your cynicism quotient? (MBE p.19)
  • What do you need to learn in Business Ethics to continue your growth?

Week 2

Service-Learning at Clark

Read: MBE, Chapter 2, especially pp.45-49. Prepare to discuss Qs 5 & 9 Assignment: Independent research at the library and/or on the web Learn:

  • What is service-learning? Come to class prepared to share two definitions.
  • Find a university other than Clark that has a service-learning commitment. Be able to describe several aspects of their programs.
  • What is the Community Education and Volunteering Center at Clark?
  • What is the University Park Partnership at Clark?

1/30 Service Learning and Business Ethics

Read: Robert Coles, The Call of Service (on reserve) Chapter 1 (entire); Ch. 2: pp. 40- 48 section on "Community Service"
Due: Service learning assignment, journal #1

Week 3

2/3 Tuesday: Why Be Ethical?
Review MBE Chapter 2, especially pp. 30-45.
Prepare to discuss Qs 2,3,4,6,7 p.52 in relation to the Merk film/case (p.51-53)
** In class: brainstorm consulting projects; begin team self-assessment

2/6 Friday: Common Ethical Problems
Read: MBE Chapter 3, pp.60-84
Prepare to discuss Qs 1-10 p.84.
Due: Team Self Assessment memo (in "Documents" section of BlackBoard)

Week 4

2/10 Tuesday: Deciding What's Right: Philosophical Approaches
Read: MBE Chapter 4, pp.88-104;
Be able to differentiate between three philosophical approaches: consequences, duties, integrity.

2/13 Friday: Deciding What's Right: Philosophical Approaches

Read: MBE Chapter 4 "Pinto Fires" pp.105-108
Use the 8 steps to consider the "Pinto Fires" case.
Use the 8 steps to revisit the "Conscience or Competitive Edge?" case
Be prepared to debate the controversy regarding Napster in light of the issues raised in this chapter, and in light of the various philosophical perspectives

Week 5

2/17 Tuesday: Deciding What's Right: Psychological Approaches
Read: MBE Chapter 5, pp.110-120
In-class assessment: moral development; locus of control

2/13 Friday: Deciding What's Right: Psychological Approaches
Read: MBE Chapter 5, pp.120-132
Write: Response paper (2-3 pages)
Describe an ethical situation you have experienced, at home, school, or work.

  • Identify the scripts you used in your reaction
  • Consider how your level of moral development and locus of control influenced your decision.
  • What might you do differently in the future?

Week 6

2/24 Ethics in the Global Business Environment
Read MBE, Chapter 11 pp.316-329
Read "The Gift" p.347
Write: Answers to questions 1-4, p.347.

2/27 Urban Business Development/Consulting Project Clinic
Teams will each have time to discuss progress with professor.
In class: Wall Street Journal Ethics Quiz

Week 7

3/2 Ethics and the Manager Read: MBE Chapter 6, pp. 138-158
Choose 1 short case, page 159.
Write: 3 paragraphs in response to the issue. Incorporate concepts from philosophy and psychology (chapters 4 & 5)
Handout: Midterm case & assignment

3/5 Managing Business Ethics: Review
Due: Service learning journal
Due: Team interim report (step 6)


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