IDCE Students Profiles

Gady Isidore (GISDE '2013)
IDCE Fellow

Gady Isidore (Haiti) received a BS in Agronomy from the University Notre Dame d'Haiti (UNDH) in 2004. While at school, he managed a community reforestation project in Coteaux in the South department by mobilizing youth to raise and transplant fruit and forestry trees in the city and the surrounding villages. He worked for three years as the Field Coordinator for the Agricultural Division of the 'Société du Rhum Barbancourt' in Port-au-Prince- Haiti , where he provided technical assistance to sugar cane growers and managed a 54 acre-farm of sugar cane for the company. He co-founded the bakery Au Bon Pain de Robert (in Coteaux) which has since expanded to deliver bread throughout the South-covering over 180 km of coast line. Gady is interested in using his expertise in agribusiness to promote environmental protection and to improve the productivity of farmers and agro-businesses.