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IDSC Final M.A. Project Topics (2006)

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Rajesh Aryal (IDSC/M.A. '06): Impacts of Decentralization in Nepal: A Case Study of Local Development Fund

Karen B. Bengoa (IDSC/M.A. '06): The Intended and Unintended Effects of Food Security Interventions in Rural Nicaragua

Berthelomiyos Bayou (IDSC/M.A. '06): Elusive Human Security: Foibles and Future Implications of African Union Security Structure

Jaimee Elizabeth Braun (IDSC/M.A. '06): Rebuilding the Social Infrastructure Through Reconciliation: Addressing the Social-Psychological Issues in Post-Conflict Development

David M. Dauer (IDSC/M.A. '06): Enhancing Development: A Peace Project

Elisa J. Dry (IDSC/M.A. '06): Dispute in the Jordan River Valley: Public Participation in Water Resources Management as a Matter of Security

Jonathan Robert Gosse (IDSC/M.A. '06): Production of Port, Social Capital and Community Development: Lessons Learned from the Libresse Cricket League in Oracabessa, Jamaica

Phuong Thi Minhi Huynh (IDSC/M.A. '06): Impacts of Resettlement Projects on Gender Relations: Coho Community, Loc Nam Commune, Central Highlands, Vietnam

Frislain Isidor (IDSC/M.A. '06): Challenges and Coping Strategies of Haitian Human Rights Organizations in Haiti

Jennifer A. Keahey (IDSC/M.A. '06): Organic Agriculture Production and Market development in Latvia During the European Union Accession Period

Trang Thi Quynh Le (IDSC/M.A. '06): Availability and Accessibility of HIV AIDS information, Education, and Communication in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

Hicham Elias Maalouf (IDSC/M.A. '06): Sustainable Development and Tourism in a Fragile Landscape in Ne Brazil

Michael Derek Metivier (IDSC/M.A. '06): Post-Capitalist Economics and the Democratic Workplace: A Pilot Study of Argentina’s Unemployed Workers’ Movement

Rukaya Mohammed (IDSC/M.A. '06): Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Women Micro Enterprises Marketability: The Case of NGOs in Ghana

Tohru Nakaya (IDSC/M.A. '06): A Study of Deforestation in the Western Ghats, South India

Hang Thi Nguyen (IDSC/M.A. '06): Integrated Conservation with Development Project: A Case-Study Based Research in Pu Mat National Park, Nghe An, Vietnam

Ipek Ozgul (IDSC/M.A. '06): Easy Solidarity: The Emergent Mobilization of Women Home-Based Workers and Their Feminist Supporters in Turkey

Naoko Omuro (IDSC/M.A. '06): Talking the Talk, without Walking the Walk: How the Japan International Cooperative Agency Avoids Mainstreaming Gender

Mette Fog Olwig (IDSC/M.A. '06): “Bought Out” Practitioners and “Paralyzed” Academics: Can There Be a Middle Ground?

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[ Spotlight Profile ]

Lawrence Were
(IDSC '10)

Lawrence Were characterizes IDCE as a place that encourages students to think critically. He says: "In our Development Theory class, we criticized mainstream development, which was fun, but also somewhat frustrating. The most frustrating thing was that I was interested in solutions to the world's problems—solutions that drive social change."

However, after a while it became clear to Lawrence that the world is too multi-dimensional to expect easy answers to the problems we face. So, driven by his desire to explore different perspectives and skill sets that could bring new light to social issues, he pursued a directed study on social entrepreneurship within Clark's Graduate School of Management.

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