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IDSC Final M.A. Project Topics (2003)

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Zhanna Alkhazova (IDSC/B.A./M.A. '03): How Are the Goals, Objectives, and Success of New Immigrant Communities Determined in Worcester, Massachusetts? (Advisor: L. Hammond)

Ruth A. Allen (IDSC/M.A. '03): Modeling Partnership: Linking Theory and Practice for More Effective Conflict Management (Advisor: L. Hammond/W. Fisher)

Jason Aplon (IDSC/M.A. '03): From Perception to Practice: Challenges and Opportunities for Post-Conflict Developmental Peacebuilding (Advisor: B. Thomas-Slayter)

Mary Armistead (IDSC/B.A./M.A. '03): An Integrated Approach to Land Cover Classification and Time Series Analysis Using Ancillary Data and Regression Analysis (Advisor: R. Ford)

Chafiou Bakari (IDSC/M.A. '03): Sustainable Development through the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD): For a More Proactive Role of Civil Society (Advisor: B. Thomas-Slayter)

Laura Burnham (IDSC/M.A. '03): Package Tours and Package Cures: Rhetoric, Realities, Tourism, and Development in Toubkal National Park, Morocco (Advisor: B. Thomas-Slayter)

Kelly Campbell (IDSC/B.A./M.A. '03): Youth, Gangs, and Corruption in Honduras: Social Group Membership and Political Opinion as Grounds for Political Asylum in the United States (Advisor: L. Hammond/M. Cruz)

Jeremy Casterson (IDSC/M.A. '03): Non-Resident Cultivation in Kenya: Improving the Equality and Efficiency of Taungya in Kenya's Forests (Advisor: T. Downs)

Christopher Coppenbarger (IDSC/M.A. '03): Against the Globalization Mainstream: The Need for Restraint against Unbridled Capitalism (Advisor: L. Hammond)

Susana Crespo (IDSC/M.A. '03): No One Eats Like Abuelos Anymore: Perceptions of Food, Agriculture, and Health in the Changing Socio-Economic Landscape of Santa Ana, Ecuador (Advisor: D. Bell)

Briera Dale (IDSC/B.A./M.A. '03): Impacts of the Mexican PROCAMPO Rural Assistance Program under NAFTA in Plan de Ayala, Guanajuato - A Peri-urban Case Study (Advisor: T. Downs)

Tannagda Salifu Fatima (IDSC/M.A. '03): The Impact of Free Trade and Privatization on African Peasant Women: A Case Study of Tolon and Tampueng in Northern Ghana (Advisor: B. Thomas-Slayter)

Robyn Fink (IDSC/M.A. '03): Living on the Edge: The Vulnerability of Bozo Fisher People in Djenne Circle, Mali (Advisor: T. Downs)

Josset Sky Gauley (IDSC/M.A. '03): Understanding Youth-Defined Empowerment Strategies in Transitional Society: The Case of Youth-Created Organizations in Kuldiga and Valmiera, Latvia (Advisor: L. Ross)

Boni Jiang (IDSC/M.A. '03): The Household Registration System Reforms in China: A Case Study of Shijiazhuang's Reform in 2001 (Advisor: P. Ropp)

Sahar Rahman Khan (IDSC/B.A./M.A. '03): A Study of Factors Affecting the Political Left in Pakistan (Advisor: L. Hammond)

Stephany Ladimer (IDSC/M.A. '03): Training Programs vs. Direct Involvement: The Role of the U.S. in Peacekeeping in Africa (Advisor: B. Thomas-Slayter)

Oscar Maroto (IDSC/M.A. '03): Use of GIS and Stakeholder Participation to Determine Conservation Priorities in the Massachusetts Section of the Blackstone River Watershed (Advisor: E. Marcano)

Samson Kigera Murage (IDSC/M.A. '03): Political and Economic Contribution to Ethnic Clashes in Kenya (Advisor: L. Hammond)

Stephen K. Musee (IDSC/M.A. '03): Options for Sustainable Development without Environmental Degradation in Rural Kenya (Advisor: T. Downs)

Agnes Pala (IDSC/M.A. '03): Evaluating Microcredit Programs - The Rangach Case (Advisor: R. Ford)

Scott Pavolko (IDSC/M.A. '03): Civil Society and Democracy: A Case Study of the Mungiki Sect and Civil Society in Kenya (Advisor: D. Bell)

Natalie Nola Peled (IDSC/B.A./M.A. '03): Patriarchal Underminings of the Potential for Peace: Israeli Women Peace Activists, Male Peace Activists, Radicalism, and the Local and International Media

Anne Marie Pliska (IDSC/M.A. '03): Community Participation in Native American Health Care Programs (Advisor: B. Thomas-Slayter)

Ryan Russell (IDSC/M.A. '03): Conservation, Culture, and Development in the High Atlas of Morocco: Making the Case for Collaborative Management of Natural Resources for Biodiversity Protection and Local Livelihoods at Toubkal National Park (Advisor: B. Thomas-Slayter)

John D. Tomczuk (IDSC/M.A. '03): Impacts of Public Perception on Invasive Species Management in an Aquatic Ecosystem: A Case Study of Eurasian Watermilfoil in Lake George, New York (Advisor: T. Downs)

Ka Vang (IDSC/M.A. '03) and John Granville (IDSC/M.A. '04): Measuring the Impact of Humanitarian Response in a Complex Emergency (Advisor: L. Hammond)

Alison Dawn Williams (IDSC/M.A. '03): A Research Proposal Exploring a More Equal Balance of Power: The Case of Romanian Children's Relief (Advisor: L. Ross)

Terry H. Williams (IDSC/M.A. '03): The Commercialization of Microfinance and Its Impact on Microfinance NGOs (Advisor: B. Thomas-Slayter)

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Lawrence Were
(IDSC '10)

Lawrence Were characterizes IDCE as a place that encourages students to think critically. He says: "In our Development Theory class, we criticized mainstream development, which was fun, but also somewhat frustrating. The most frustrating thing was that I was interested in solutions to the world's problems—solutions that drive social change."

However, after a while it became clear to Lawrence that the world is too multi-dimensional to expect easy answers to the problems we face. So, driven by his desire to explore different perspectives and skill sets that could bring new light to social issues, he pursued a directed study on social entrepreneurship within Clark's Graduate School of Management.

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