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Joseph de Rivera, Ph.D.


Research Professor of International Development and Social Change


Phone: 774-230-2693

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    • Ph.D. in Psychology and Physiology, Stanford University, 1971
      B.A. Yale University
      Bowdoin College

    Research Interests

    Emotional structures and motivational dynamics, believed-in imaginings, emotional climates and cultures of peace, public policy and the organization of movements for peace and justice.


    After conducting research in the Navy Medical Service Corps, Professor de Rivera earned his PhD at Stanford University. He taught at Dartmouth College and N.Y.U. before coming to Clark in 1970 where he directed the social psychology program and the program in peace studies. He has served as Executive Officer for the International Society for Research on Emotions and the President of the Society for the Study of Peace, Violence, and Conflict. The author of The Psychological Dimension of Foreign Policy and A Structural Theory of Emotions, and the editor of Field Theory as Human Science, Conceptual Encounter: A Method for the Exploration of Human Experience, Believed- in Imaginings, and Handbook on Building Cultures of Peace, he is currently conducting research on emotional climates, cultures of peace, and ways to more effectively organize efforts for peace and justice.

    Selected Publications

    Transforming the empire with a department of Peace. 
    Peace and Change, 32 (1), 4-19. de Rivera, J. (2007). 
    Emotional climate, human security, and cultures of peace. Special issue of Journal of Social Issues, 63 (2). de Rivera, J. and Paez, D. (2007)

    Handbook on building cultures of peace. NY: Springer. (407 pages). de Rivera, J. (Ed.) (2009). Editor

    Building cultures of peace that protect human rights. Psyke & Logos, 30 (1) 14-27. de Rivera, J. (2009)

    National emotional climate and the value of freedom. Beliefs and Values, 2 (1), 57-65. de Rivera, J. & Yurtsever, G. (2010).

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