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IDCE is a professional program. Our alumni are using the skills they gained at Clark to promote sustainable development and community-based initiatives around the world. The following notes and profiles describe some of the challenging and dynamic work and research they have pursued, from post-conflict relief to empowering women, and environmental activism to social development.

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David Eitelberg (GISDE/M.A. ’12) is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of spatial and decision support at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Kate Hanley (ES&P/M.A./M.B.A. ’12) is the outreach coordinator at Good Movements, part of the Environmental Defense Fund in Boston.

Stephanie Johnson (CDP/M.A. ’12) was recently named executive director of West Side Main Street in Charleston, W.V.

Erin Morrell (IDSC/M.A. ’12) works directly with African refugee youth as a head teacher in the Express Yourself Program of African Community Education (ACE) in Worcester.

Oksana Onasenko (CDP/M.A. ’12) is an associate programme officer for United Nations Volunteers in Kiev, Ukraine.

Brigid Palcic (IDSC/M.A. ’12) wasn't ready to leave Worcester after graduating and is now an Employment Counselor for the Lutheran Social Services New Americans Program in the city.

Heather Rice (IDSC/M.A. ’12) is doing marketing, sales, and outreach for Deans Beans, a local fair trade coffee roaster, which supplies IDCE.

Heather Tomlins (IDSC/M.A. ’12) is an associate, Caucasus/Central Asia, with Chemonics, an international development organization based in Washington, D.C.


Nicolas Cuba (GISDE/M.A. ’11), who is pursuing a Ph.D. at Clark, is part of a team of scholars who received National Science Foundation funding to study the devastating Asian longhorned beetle invasion in New England.

Christy Gillmore (IDSC/M.A. ’11) moved to Virginia in May 2011 and was married a month later to her husband whom she met in Mali while serving in the Peace Corps. In September, she began work at the leading modern-day antislavery organization, Free the Slaves. This organization was founded by slavery expert Kevin Bales, whose books have been featured in Professor Ken MacLean's Trafficking: Globalization and Its Illicit Commodities class. She manages the organization's programs in Ghana (visiting the country twice a year), which focus on mobilizing communities to eradicate child trafficking in fishing, child labor and prostitution, and debt bondage in informal gold mining. The organization uses many of the techniques of community development and grassroots collaboration championed by IDCE, and every day she uses what she learned during her time at Clark.

Emma Hyatt (CDP/M.A. ’11) moved to San Francisco with absolutely no plan. She just packed up two suitcases and bought a one-way ticket out to the West Coast, even though she had never set foot in California. She decided it was time for a change. Without going too in-depth about the struggle of finding a job and an affordable place to live, she finally found a full-time job within the San Francisco Conservation Corps. She has been working there since February as a life skills trainer, teaching a 7-week intensive job-readiness course for high-risk youths, ages 18-24, most of whom have dropped out of high school, have been involved in gangs, have been to jail more than once, are foster youth who "aged out," or are otherwise low-income and have some sort of barrier that inhibits their ability to find a job.
Her class goes over both hard- and soft-skill training to help the participants be their most professional selves. Soft skills include workshops on good communication, basic social interaction and decision-making strategies, stress and anger management, money management, conflict resolution, and using community resources. The hard skills focus on writing resumes, cover letters, and practicing interviews.
Once the students graduate from the course, they go and interview at a job and most of the time they get that job—after that, the Corps offers a year of supportive services that aim to reduce and eliminate barriers and help them with job retention. Emma’s role is challenging but extremely rewarding; she never thought she'd be using her Clark master's degree in Community Development & Planning to be a teacher, but there she is. She’s surprised every day and has been learning more than she ever has before.

Hao Xin (ES&P/M.A. ’10; GISDE/M.A. ’11) garnered China's National Water Conservation Persons of the Year because of his Qiantang River Mapping project. He also organized the “We Are Qiangtang Riverkeepers!” activity day, Dec. 4, 2011, when more than 500 volunteers came to Hangzhou to paint 600-meters of the Qiantang River seawall.

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Kate Doiron (GISDE/M.A. '10) GIS Specialist at Industrial Economics

Dana Goodman (ES&P/M.A. ’10) recently was profiled on a local news station for her involvement in the upcoming 48 Hour Film Project. The project, known as 48HFP, is a weekend in which a team makes a complete movie from writing, shooting, editing, and scoring in just 48 hours. This year’s theme was “Go Green” so Goodman used her background in environmental issues to inspire her through the long, sleepless process. In this documentary, she described ocean acidification affecting organisms throughout the marine food web, including humans, in a creative way in order to reach audiences outside the scientific community and create more social awareness about this crucial environmental issue.

Rebecca Jankoviak (CDP/M.A. ’10) is the neighborhood director for West Central Interfaith managing their neighborhood branch in the West Allis neighborhood.

Rachel Rampil (IDSC/B.A ’10) is in the Democratic Republic of COngo with the Reclaim Congo Initiative.

Naomi Sully (IDSC/M.A. ’10) is currently working with a non-profit in Amherst called EarthAction and will be moving to Nairobi, Kenya this summer for a couple years. Sully also wrote a grant proposal for Burma Border Projects, an NGO that provides mental health counseling and medic training on the Thai-Burma border for Burmese refugees and internally displaced Burmese, and was granted $20,000 to expand the mental health project from Open Society Institute.
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Brandon Cohen (IDSC/M.A. '09) is the director of operations forAmizade Global Service Learning.

Teo Dang Do (IDSC/M.A. '09) is the executive director of the Consultative and Research Center for Natural Resources Management.

Loi Nguyen (IDSC/M.A. '09) is a program officer, in charge of integrated community development projects at CSEED, the Center for Community Socio-Economic and Environmental Development in Vietnam.

Christine Eun Jung Oh (IDSC/M.A. '09)transferred from an international program
officer at Save the Children Korea, to KOICA, the Korean Government Agency for International Development Cooperation as a gender researcher.

Mo Pepin (IDSC/M.A. '09) is working in the development department at GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) in Boston.

Allison Petrozziello (IDSC/M.A. '09) is working in Santo Domingo at the headquarters of UN-INSTRAW as their gender, migration, and development advisor.

Robert Muollo (CDP/M.A. '09) is a housing development planner for the City of Newton.

Elisa Ramos (CDP/M.A. '09) is the student advocate supervisor at Harlem Children's Zone in Harlem, NY.

Melissa Walsh (CDP/M.A. '09) is the director of community development at Providence YMCA Youth Services in Providence, RI.

Joel Masselink (GISDE/M.A. '09) is the GIS coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Jared Silva (ES&P/M.A. '09) is the program coordinator for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

Sona Shah (IDSC/M.A. '09) Program Coordinator at The University of Texas at Austin, Center for Asian American Studies

Greg Sixt (IDSC/M.A. '09) after a recent consultancy in Syria, took a position as a Program Specialist with USDANational Institute for Food and Agriculture, in Washington, DC, with a dual appointment to the Institute for Bioenergy, Climate and Environment and the Center for International Programs.

Sarah Stewart (IDSC/M.A. '09) is currently a management analyst with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Ratna Bagchand (IDSC/M.A. '08) is working in the Nepali judiciary as a judge of Appellate Court of Nepal.

Ian Phillips DeZalia (IDSC/M.A. '08) is the development coordinator at Kaya Children International, an organization that provides educational, psychological and residential support for children living on the streets in Bolivia.

Allen Gallant (IDSC/M.A. '08) is a project coordinator with the International Division of John Snow, Inc., an organization committed to promoting positive social and economic change to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Charleen Richards Huyler (IDSC/M.A. '08) is working in the immigration department at International RescueCommittee's Atlanta office, which processesasylum and refugee applications for permanent status in the U.S.

Sarah Pack (IDSC/M.A. '08) was recently hired as the director of the Wilton Main Street Program in New Hampshire.

Sheela Pradhan (IDSC/M.A. '08) is the data analyst for planning and development at the Great Brook Valley Health Center, Inc. in Worcester, M.A.

Mariam Rana (IDSC/M.A. '08) is working for the Planning and Analysis department at Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, TN.

Corey Simon (IDSC/B.A. ‘06/M.A. '08) is the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist at the Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights.

Amar Azucena Cid (CDP/M.A. '08) is employed with the California Department of Transportation in the headquarter office in the Division of Mass Transportation for the Public Transportation Modernization Improvement and Service Enhancement Account.

Courtney Croteau (CDP/M.A. '08) is the school outreach coordinator for the Safe Routes to School program at MassRIDES.

Emma Howard (CDP/M.A. '08) is currently a planner with the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning.

Sarah Parmenter (CDP/M.A. '08) is a community health specialist for the Southeast Center for Healthy Communities in Brockton, Massachusetts, addressing issues related to substance abuse prevention. 

Fauna Shaw (CDP/B.A. ‘06/M.A. '08) is working at a nonprofit called Corporate Accountability International (CAI) as a major gifts organizer.

Evan Wilson (CDP/M.A. ‘08) is currently working in Namibia with the Center for Global Education as the travel seminar and internship coordinator.

Kristen Wilson (CDP/M.A. '08) is a senior planner at Beals and Thomas, Inc. in Southborough, MA.

Alicia Simonti (GISDE/M.A. '08) is working as a Senior Geospatial Analyst at MDA Federal Inc. in Rockville, Maryland.  

Danielle Adams Mucciarone (ES&P/M.A. '08) is working as a watershed scientist for the Charles River Watershed Association.

Ashley Curtis (ES&P/M.A. '08) is a staff associate in the Climate Program at the International Research Institute of Climate and Society.

Stephanie Oleksyk (ES&P/B.A./M.A. '08) works in the Ecosystems Center at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, MA.

An Van Quach (ES&P/M.A. '08) is a government officer working for the Department of Science and Technology of Ca Mau Province, Vietnam.

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Seung Hyung Lee (IDSC/M.A. ‘07) is the country director for Sri Lanka withGood Neighbors International (GNI), a development NGO which implemented relief and development work in over twenty developing countries since 1991.

Maud Mabika (IDSC/M.A. '07) works as the coordinator of programs and new business with Aid to Artisans, an organization that offers practical assistance to artisan groups worldwide.

Tanya Palit (IDSC/M.A. '07) is a project manager for the microfinance organization Grameen America, the U.S. branch of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

Bishnu Maya Pariyar (IDSC/M.A. ‘07) was awarded the Perdita Huston Activist Award, which recognizes the life and work of outstanding advocates for women's rights in the Third World.

Darah Tappitake (IDSC/M.A. '07) is the International Operations Coordinator at One Laptop per Child. She was awarded a U.S. National Security Education Program Boren Fellowship, providing her with the opportunity to go to Uganda and conduct research on the use of School Feeding Programs within primary schools.

Kathleen Collins (CDP/M.A. '07) is the evaluator on Worcester's Weed and Seed initiative.

Tim Dzurilla (CDP/M.A. '07) is working on a project called Dream Hunters, connecting immigrant youth in Main South, Worcester, Massachusetts to youth in Bello Oriente, Medellin, Colombia through images, teleconferences, and video.

Aaron Osgood (CDP/M.A. '07) is conducting research for the Edward Street Child Services on supply/demand issues in an early childhood education center in Worcester.

Safaa Karaki Aldwaik (GISDE/M.A. '07) is pursuing her Ph.D. in geography at Clark University. Safaa is well-known on campus for presenting her research on using GIS to map potential passages between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Read more about Safaa's thesis here.

Victor Hugo Gutierrez-Velez (GISDE/M.A. '07) is lead author on “Quantifying the direct social and governmental costs of illegal logging in the Bolivian, Brazilian, and Peruvian Amazon” with Kenneth MacDicken (Winrock International), which was recently published in the journal Forest Policy and Economics. He is currently in the Geography Ph.D. program at the University of Maryland.

Aaron Bouchane (ES&P/M.A. ‘07) works as a program manager for Entity Green Training in Amman, Jordan. Entity Green Training (EGT) provides services to meet the needs of poor and marginalized communities through sustainable development. 

Marcia Davitt (ES&P/M.A. '07) is pursuing her Ph.D. in science and technology studies at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. She is a research assistant with the engineering education dept., researching communication in global, virtual, multi-disciplinary, and multi-cultural teams.

Jia Liu (ES&P/M.A. '07) is a team member of Intertek Sustainability Solutions, working on issues of corporate social responsibility and climate change.

Ana Monteiro (ES&P/M.A. '07) is in Cape Verde, working with a British company called InfraCo. Currently, the company is developing 25MW wind farms in Cape Verde, where Ana is a junior member of the EIA team.

Stephanie Parent (ES&P/M.A. '07) is an air pollution specialist with the California Air Resources Board's Indoor Exposure group in Sacramento, Calif.

Melanie Sands (ES&P/M.A. '07) is a grassroots community organizer for the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council. She helps connect and organize multiple stakeholders around conservation issues in southeast Alaska, primarily in the Tongass National Forest.

Devon Winkler (ES&P/M.A. ‘07) is a shellfish biologist at the North Shore office of the Division of Marine Fisheries in Gloucester.

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Rajesh Aryal (IDSC/M.A. '06) works with Project Harmony, a not-for-profit organization in Waitsfield, Vermont, which focuses on educational development, internet technology, and professional development.

Jaimee Braun (IDSC/M.A. ‘06) manages an institutional support contract for USAID/Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance and USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives.

Jennifer A. Keahey (IDSC/M.A. '06) is a Research Assistant for the Center for Fair and Alternative Trade Studies (CFATS).

Hang Nguyen (IDSC/M.A. ‘06) is the national child protection coordinator for Plan Vietnam. Plan Vietnam works in partnership with local people, organizations, and government bodies at various levels to improve child rights in the area.

Veena Sampathkumar (IDSC/M.A. '06) works in South Sudan for Mercy Corps.

Le Thi Quynh Trang (IDSC/M.A. '06) is a Program Officer at Oxfam Great Britain for the “Right to be Heard” Programme.

Lara Bold (CDP/M.A. '06) is the Chief Planner for the City of Worcester, working in the Office of Economic & Neighborhood Development Planning & Regulatory Services Division.

Matt Hertel (CDP/M.A. '06) is working as a redevelopment planner for the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, which is a joint powers agency of the City and County of Sacramento.

William Holbrook (CDP/M.A. '06) is working as a Deputy Director of Care Force, a division of City Year Inc. that leads corporations and their employees in high impact community service events.

Sara Kilroy (CDP/M.A. '06) is an advisor for an alternative experiential education institute.

Kate Lowe (CDP/M.A. '06) participates in research and outreach efforts, coordinating a program's administration, developing a work plan and fundraising.

Patricia Mallios (CDP/M.A. '06) is working as the Community & Youth Organizer at the Oak Hill Community Development Corporation in Worcester, MA.

Jimmy Royster (CDP/M.A. '06) is the program director for a leader in the financing and development of affordable housing across the U.S.

Matthew Wally (CDP/M.A. '06) is the executive director at the Worcester Community Housing Resources.

Yongming Cai (GISDE/M.A. ‘06) is currently pursuing his Ph.D. with a GIS Fellowship at the University of Cincinnati.

Maatsi Angwafo (ES&P/M.A. '06) works as an environmental protection specialist for the Department of Energy, Savannah River Site Office supporting the programs division for the assistant manager for Waste Disposition.

Jennifer Bowen (ES&P/M.A. '06) is currently living in San Francisco, CA and working at a non-profit organization called Communities for a Better Environment as the Development Associate and Grant Manager.

Chris Bowser (ES&P/M.A. '06) is the science education specialist for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Estuary Program, and an adjunct instructor at Marist College.

Stella Capoccia (ES&P/M.A. '06) is pursuing wildlife management and doctoral studies at Rutgers University.

Natalie Howlett (ES&P/M.A. ‘06) began working for the Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources, serving as the renewable energy project coordinator. Her work has focused on the Commonwealth Solar program as well as on wind and biomass projects.

Seema Parakh (ES&P/M.A. '06) is the India Program Manager, EMBARQ, World Resource Institute Center for Sustainable Transport.

Maureen Shenberger (ES&P/M.A. '06) is currently a contractor through the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation with the City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Pedestrian program.

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Lina A. Al-Eryani (IDSC/M.A. '05) is working as a Program Manager for the Women in Technology Program (WIT)-YEMEN. This program is funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) under the supervision of the Institute of International Education (IIE) in San Francisco. The program is implemented by SOUL for the Development of Women and Children, which is a local organization.

Brian Atkinson (IDSC/M.A. '05) works as a Mercy Corps Program Officer for Latin America.

William Bradley (IDSC/M.A. '05) is the Field Program Manager of Alternative Livelihoods/North, a $60 million program aimed at fostering area-based economic development as an alternative to poppy.

Stephanie Daniels (IDSC/M.A. '05) works as an independent consultant in ethical and sustainable food and agriculture systems.

Kamala Gurung (IDSC/M.A. ‘05) is pursuing her Ph.D. in marine biology at James Cook University in Australia.

Sara Krosch (IDSC/M.A. '05) is a program evaluation and capacity building consultant, and a Pacific CEED legacy researcher and health communication program manager at American Samoa Community Cancer Network—Communicating Best Practices of Samoan Traditional Healing as Complementary Cancer Care via a radio serial drama.

Laura Miller (IDSC/M.A. '05) is a Mercy Corps Program Officer, Africa.

Aparna Nepal (IDSC/M.A. '05) will be working with the New Hampshire State Department of Health and Human Services in the tobacco control program. She has joined the program as a program planner level III.

Nathan Oetting (IDSC/M.A. ‘05) works as a program officer for Mercy Corps Africa, based in Portland, Oregon.

Kendra Fehrer Ponniah (IDSC/M.A. ‘05) is a second year Ph.D. student in anthropology and development at Brown University. Her research focuses on community organization and public policy in Venezuela.

Dan Putnam (IDSC/M.A. '05) is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography, University of Minnesota.

Kate Driscoll Derickson (CDP/M.A. '05) is at Penn State working on a dual Ph.D. in Geography and Women's Studies.

Garrick Hamel (CDP/M.A. '05) published “Rehabilitating Affordable Rural Housing,” in Rural Voice magazine. The article discusses utilizing green building strategies in rural housing in Oregon.

Sasha Hnatkovich (CDP/M.A. '05) is the Communications Coordinator at Trinity Church in Boston, MA.

Heather Kamyck (CDP/M.A. '05) is the Brownfields Coordinator for the Economic Development Division of the City of Worcester.

Matt Scheer (CDP/M.A. ‘05) works as a development associate in the real estate development division at Westhab, Inc., which is a Westchester County based nonprofit that offers a variety of social services for youth and adults.

Sean Griffin (GISDE/M.A. '05) consulting for Conservation International, is working with government agencies in Liberia to provide assistance and training in geospatial analysis related to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD). Projects will include forest cover mapping and monitoring, in addition to scenario modeling using the Land Change Modeler (LCM) in Idrisi Taiga.

Boriana Pangelova(GISDE/M.A. '05) is a GIS analyst.

David Greene (ES&P/M.A. '05) is the Sustainability Engineer with the Austin, Texas Water Utility.

Corrie Mauldin (ES&P/M.A. '05) is working with grants and program management at the Division of International Conservation at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, D.C.

Kamweti Mutu (ES&P/M.A. '05) is an Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Associate working with the National Research Council of The National Academies, in Washington, D.C.

Angela Mwandia (ES&P/M.A. '05) is the Programme Coordinator for WWF's Toxics Programme.

Beth Roessler (ES&P/M.A. '05) is an Estuary Educator for the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

Christine Binueza Soliva (ES&P/M.A. '05) is part of the Ecosystems Team at Northeast-Midwest Institute.

Marissa Staples (ES&P/M.A. '05) is working as a Project Manager/Environmental Analyst for an environmental consulting firm that specializes in helping federal agencies implement the National Environmental Protection Act through federal development projects.

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Elikem Tomety Archer (IDSC/M.A. '04) works with Americares, an organization based in Stamford, CT, which solicits donations of medicines, medical supplies and other relief materials from U.S. and international manufacturers, and delivers them quickly and efficiently to indigenous health care and welfare professionals around the world.

Alexandra Dichter (IDSC/M.A. '04) is the GIS Coordinator for EPA Region 1 at the Environmental Protection Agency in Boston, MA

Kathleen McHugh (IDSC/M.A. '04) is a Senior Management Support Specialist - Children in Emergencies and Crisis Department - for Save the Children.

Nathan Oetting (IDSC/M.A. '04) is a  Program Officer for the Africa Desk at Mercy Corps in Portland, Oregon.

Angel Riepe (CDP/M.A. '04) is working as the California Program Supervisor for Building with Books in New York.

Sarah Elliott (GISDE/M.A. '04) is currently a Senior GIS Analyst.

McArd Joseph Mlotha (GISDE/M.A. '04) is a Senior GIS/RS Specialist & Interim Head-Environmental Unit, Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing Research and Training Centre (CGIS) National University of Rwanda, also teaches some courses in GIS and remote sensing applications.

Scott Sweet (GISDE/M.A. '04) lives in the South Pacific and travels extensively for his work with Geocap where his main responsibilities include consulting for coastal states; providing guidance on how to establish maritime boundaries, and various mapping projects.

Olufunmilayo Eniolorunfe Thontteh (GISDE/M.A. '04) is a lecturer on GIS, Spatial Data Infrastructure, and consultant on the application of GIS and remote sensing in African-centered geospatial projects.

Robert Yao-Kumah (GISDE/M.A. '04) published “Accuracy Assessment for a Simulation Model of Amazonian Deforestation,” with co-authors Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr, and five collaborators from Michigan State University, in the nation's première Geography journal- Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

Jennifer Farley (ES&P/M.A. '04) analyzes environmental reports of collateral properties to determine potential risks.

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Ruth Allen (IDSC/M.A. '03) works for Mercy Corps Conflict Management group in Cambridge, MA.

Chafi Bakari (IDSC/M.A. '03) is a human rights activist in Africa.

Robyn (Fink) Bertholon (IDSC/M.A. '03) isthe Head of Mission for Première Urgence, a French NGO.

Jeremy Casterson (IDSC/M.A. '03) is employed with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Colorado. His duties include land use planning and National Environmental Policy Act coordination for the Little Snake Field Office.

Mia Davis (IDSC/M.A. '03) is the National Grassroots Coordinator of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Josset Sky Gauley (IDSC/M.A. '03) is the state program coordinator for Learn and Serve Montana with the Montana Office of Public Instruction, independent contractor who provides training to Montana Americorps*VISTA members, a grant writer for the Federation of Fly Fishers and contractor who develops community connections for the Montana Independent Living Program.

Annie Gorski (CDP/M.A. '03) is the Project Coordinator with the City of Salem in the Urban Development Department's Revitalization Section.

Kathleen (McHugh) Schneider (IDSC/M.A. '03) is the Complex Operations Manager for Save the Children's humanitarian emergency department.

Sehin Teferra (IDSC/M.A. '03) is currently working as the Community Participation and Gender Advisor for the Food Security Unit of Save the Children, U.S. in Ethiopia.

Miguel Castrence (GISDE/M.A. '03) is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, and remote sensing research assistant for the Hawai`i Biodiversity and Mapping Program.

Shalini Gupta (GISDE/M.A. '03)'s doctoral research includes work in various fields like economics, forestry, modeling, policymaking and climate change.

Kisco Sinvula(GISDE/M.A. '03) is pursiuing city and regional planning, Ph.D. studies.

Boni Jiang (ES&P/M.A. '03) and Kate Scott (ES&P/M.A. '03) are working in China on an EPA funded project for Coal Mine Methane Recovery and Utilization, a program designed to utilize coal mine methane as a clean energy resource while reducing its direct emissions into the atmosphere.

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Salifu-Samson Danse (IDSC/M.A. '02) is the Field Director for Oxfam Nigeria.

Jason Forauer (IDSC/M.A. '02) is working with the Children's Nutrition Program of Haiti in Leogane, Haiti as the monitoring and evaluation officer, implementing an emergency nutrition program in Leogane Commune in response to the earthquake.  

Lisa Meierotto (IDSC/M.A. '02) is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Anthropology at the University of Washington and Grants Coordinator at Arizona State University in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change.

Terese Maineri de Velasquez (IDSC/B.A./M.A. '02) is the manager of parents programs with Identity, Inc. a non-profit organization that helps Latino Youth and Families residing in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Jessica Cook (CDP/M.A. '02) manages the Massachusetts Farm Energy Program with Berkshire-Pioneer Resource Conservation & Development, working with farms across the state (as well as energy consultants, public utilities, and funding partners) to save energy, improve farm viability, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through on-farm efficiency upgrades and renewable energy projects.

Stephen Ambagis (GISDE/M.A. '02) is working with the U.S. Geological Survey Biological Research Division based in Hawaii.

Aaron Dushku (GISDE/M.A. '02) works as the GIS specialist for the USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) for the State of Massachusetts.

Amy Nelson (GISDE/M.A. '02) is a GIS Manager.

Takashi Tada (GISDE/M.A. '02) is a GIS-Environmental analyst.

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Aditiya Agrawal (IDSC/M.A. '01) has been working with an international team of consultants on a National Spatial Data Infrastructure for Libya.

Thomas J. Christopher (ES&P/M.A. '01) is a Senior Project Manager at Resource Management, Inc.

Kate Lazarus (IDSC/M.A. '01) is working as a freelance consultant focusing on water governance in the Mekong Region and is on the Steering Committee of the M-POWER water governance network (Mekong Program for Water Environment and Food).

Myriem Ouchen Noussairi (ES&P/M.A. '01) is a Programme Officer at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Rabat, Morocco.

Kate Walton (IDSC/M.A. '01) is the assistant director of land stewardship & GIS manager for the Essex County Greenbelt Association in Essex, MA.

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Paula Agnes Akompong (IDSC/M.A. '00) is executive director for Habitat for Humanity, San Bernardino area, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International.

Paul Burgess (IDSC/M.A. '00) is a manager/research analyst.

Daniel Juhn (GISDE/M.A. ‘00) is the director of the Regional Analysis Program at The Center for Applied Biodiversity Science (CABS).

Timothy LeDoux (IDSC/B.A. ‘98/M.A. '00) is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Geography at Michigan State University.

Katie Nye (IDSC/M.A. '00) is working at the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants as a program coordinator with ethnic community-based associations (Mutual Assistance Associations) and continuing her work with U.S.-Africa community linkage programs.

Andrew Alspach (GISDE/M.A. ‘00) works as the information management officer in the Field Information Services Unit of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Geneva.

Pam Kavaleski (GISDE/M.A. '00) is a GIS specialist.

Danel (Francoeur) Eitel (ES&P/B.A. ‘99/M.A. '00) is currently an Environmental Earth Science teacher at South Windsor High School in South Windsor, CT.

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Hellen Amuguni (IDSC/M.A. '99) is a veterinarian and gender consultant in Kenya.

Andrew Alspach (GISDE/M.A. '99) is an Information Management Officer with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Barbara Seekins (GISDE/M.A. '99) is a Geographer and GIS Coordinator for NMFS' Northwest Region, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in Portland, Oregon.

Justin Brady (IDSC/M.A. '98) is currently the Chief of Programme Management and Oversight in the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) in New York.

Anne-Marie Urban (IDSC/M.A. '98) is working at the Inter-American Development Bank as a social development and gender specialist.

Tricia Matthews (IDSC/M.A. '98) is Deputy Director in Liberia for Mercy Corps.

Agueda Marin (IDSC/M.A. '98) won a 2005 International Organization for Migration Award recognizing her dedication and innovative programming in countering human trafficking in Central America while at the IMO's Regional Office in San José

Seta Iskandarian (IDSC/B.A. (minor) ‘98) was appointed executive director of Armenian Volunteer Corps.

Timothy Abbott (IDSC/M.A. '97) is the director of The Litchfield Hill Greenprint Project in Connecticut, sponsored by The Trust for Public Land.

Milan Shrestha (IDSC/M.A. ‘97) completed her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Georgia.

Genese Sodikoff (IDSC/M.A. '96) is an assistant professor of anthropology.

Andrea Lemerise (ES&P/M.A. '94) is an environmental analyst.

Jo Anne Shatkin (ETS/M.A. ‘90/PhD ‘94) joined CLF Ventures, Inc, helping organizations successfully launch, operate, and sunset operations with economic as well as environmental benefits. As managing director, she brings technical expertise in health and environmental risk analysis for addressing complex and emerging contaminant concerns.

Alphonse Bigirimana (IDSC/M.A. ‘93) is the director of planning and monitoring with Chemonics, an international development consulting firm which promotes meaningful change to help people live healthier, more productive, and increasingly independent lives.

Octavia Taylor (IDSC/M.A. ‘93), an IDCE and aids2031 colleague, is in Syria. You can read her blog entries here.

Denise Child (Geography & ETS/M.A. ‘92) works at the Massachusetts DEP Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup as a branch chief in the Audits program.

Juliette Monet (IDSC/B.A. ‘85/M.A. '90) is the associate director of Off-Campus Study at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

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Jia Liu currently works at Intertek. She is a team member of the Intertek Sustainability Solutions group. Her work is focused on issues of related corporate social responsibility and climate change. She notes,

ES&P provided me with a solid academic foundation. It also provided me with a platform to further pursue my internship and career goals.

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