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IDCE Student Association (SA)

"By the students, for the students"

The IDCE Student Association (SA) is a student-run organization that is committed to addressing the entire IDCE graduate student body's concerns and issues. The SA is dedicated to student achievement through participation within the IDCE community and improving communication between students and administration. The organization holds regular meetings which are open to the entire IDCE community.

In addition to these meetings, the SA is involved in planning social activities and events relevant to each of IDCE's four programs. The organization presents opportunities for not only bringing students, staff and faculty together but also linking GISDE, CDP, ES&P and IDSC together in order to maximize the multidisciplinary learning environment.

The Current 2013 IDCE Student Association Officers are:

Co-President: Caitlin Alcorn, IDSC

Co-President: Erin Lynum, IDSC

Communications Officer: Suyanka Neupaney, ES&P

Treasurer: Supriya Khadke, GIS


The SA Program Representatives are: 

International Students: Mukesh Subedee (GIS)

Community Development and Planning Rep: Sam Bryson-Brockmann

Environmental Science and Policy Rep: Brian Seitzman

Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment Rep: Mike Cecil

International Development and Social Change Rep: Yenifer Hernandez


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[ Spotlight Profile ]

Carly Edwards (IDSC '09)

Carly Edwards (2009) received a B.S. in resource ecology and community issues in Africa from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has worked with communities adjacent to a nature reserve in South Africa as well as with orphanages in Ghana and South Africa.

Prior to attending Clark, she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, where she focused on providing educational opportunities for women and girls and engaging children in the local environment. Her interests include issues of gender, the effects of using foreign volunteers in development, the relationship between local religion and development, the role of community organizations in development, and ecotourism.

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