IDCE Students Profiles

Selina Sikder (IDSC '2014)

Selina Sikder (Bangladesh) received her B.S. with honors and M.S. degree in Psychology from University of Dhaka. After graduating she served as an honorary psychologist in the out-patient department of Dhaka Medical Collage Hospital. She worked in various development agencies, including UNICEF, Terre des homes (Switzerland), Chhinamukul (Bangladesh), and Human Info (Belgium). Her work focuses on education, development, gender and child rights, street children, communication, press and publication. She has special focuses on child creativity and communication. Selina is the author of eight books. She was also the editor of the children bilingual magazine "BagAzine" published by Terre des homes. She has been writing short stories in the form of fairytales since her childhood. In 1997 as a young writer she received awards for her modern fairytale book from Bangla Academy, the national organization of art and letters of Bangladesh. Selina's research interests include gender equality, human rights, aboriginal people, creativity and mental health issues, and she has published in each of these fields in different book collections and daily newspapers. She is one of the contributing writers of the Gender Encyclopedia. She worked as a volunteer psycho-social counselor in USBSO (Virginia, USA). She is also a general member in Women Writers' Guild (Connecticut, USA), Bangla Academy (Bangladesh), and the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), UK.