IDCE Students Profiles

Edward Potter (GISDE '2014)

Edward Potter (USA) has a B.S. from Michigan State University. His research interests are transportation and urban planning, GIS, human geography, sustainability and land use change. While an undergraduate at MSU he participated in many research projects, one in particular was a road volume analysis for the city of East Lansing, MI in order to assess road volumes by type, congestion, and allocation of city resources. Edward has had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world and this has sparked his interest in geography and more recently GIS. His interests in human geography and urban planning/design as an undergraduate ignited his interest in the potential applications of GIS for being able to combine both the physical and social fields of geography. Edward’s interest in geography doesn’t end in academia but also thrives in his personal passions. While taking a hiatus from school he worked at a wilderness therapy program in southern Utah hiking and learning/teaching survival skills, took an Outward Bound course in backcountry snowboarding, and have travelled to various parts of the world such as, England, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, and Italy.