IDCE Students Profiles

Yenifer Hernandez (IDSC '2014)

Yenifer Hernandez (Colombia) received a B.A. in French and Women and Gender Studies. Her research interests include domestic violence in South America, specifically in Colombia and Argentina, examining the cultural construction of the female role, female circumcision, objectification of the female and male body through pornography, sex tourism in Haiti, feminist theories, cultural stereotypes faced by women, and sex trafficking in Cambodia. She currently works at The Equal Rights Center/FedEx and was a simultaneous English-Spanish interpreter for Operation Smile and Earth Speak. In Bogota, she worked as a missionary with children and women living in the Amazon of Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. She provided assistance in speech language therapy with children born with cleft lips and cleft palates. Yenifer volunteered with support groups for children of incarcerated parents and provided support in education programs for incarcerated women.