IDCE Students Profiles

Yue Sun (ES&P '2014)

Yue Sun (China) has a B.S. in Environmental Science. Her research interests include environment and human health, climate, energy and sustainability, environmental management and policy, global climate change, gender studies, social transformation and community development, nonprofit organizations, environmental toxicology, management of risks from toxic substances, coastal hazards from climate change, pollution prevention in companies, locating hazardous facilities, youth development, CO2 capture and storage, and renewable energy. She has internships with the Shanshui Cement Group Ltd. and the Sewage Treatment Plant in Jinan and Beijing Daking Eastern Technology Co. Ltd. Service experience includes work with Green Camel Bell, the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the First People's Hospital in Lanzhou. She has also volunteered, teaching environmental awareness to local primary school students and protecting trees from disease and pests.