IDCE Students Profiles

Hanna Yatskevich (IDSC '2012)
IDCE Fellow

Hanna Yatskevich (Russia) graduated with a B.A. in economics from Purchase College. Her undergraduate work focused on the political economy of development and the impact of neoliberal globalization on women in developing world. She presented a research paper on neoliberalism and gender inequality in Thailand at NWSA conference in Ohio. In addition, she participated in a U.N. Practicum organized by the WILPF which allowed her to get an insider's perspective on the challenges facing NGOs within the U.N. system and beyond. Yatskevich was born in Far East Russian and subsequently lived in Egypt, Syria, Belarus, and Hungary. She began her education in Minsk, Belarus but when the government closed down the university, she was forced to abandon her studies and after overcoming a number of obstacles was able to continue her intellectual pursuits at Purchase College.