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IDSC Final M.A. Project Topics (2009)

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Lena Alazawi
Iraqi Youth in Egypt: Exploring the Psychosocial Consequences of the Education Gap

Ratna Bahadur Bagchand
Understanding the Role of the State- Bureaucracy in Eliminating Caste-based Discrimination in Nepal

Melissa Tyanne Benallie
Listening to the Voices of the Wind: The Social and Environmental Development Problems Borne by the Inuiapt in the Arctic Region of Alaska

Oliver Bengle
Reified Targets of Development: Participatory Development and a Rights-based Approach Compared

Jennifer Boyle
Teaching Manual

Rebekah Bronwyn-Sheppard
Maternal Mortality: More Than a Medical Problem?

Sarah Elizabeth Byrne
Uncovering the Gap: A Study of Organizations’ Perspectives of and Responses to Violence against Immigrant Women in Worcester, Massachusetts

Kaensri Chaikot
Evaluation Report of the Village Development Partnership Project in Thailand

Alexis Close
AIDS from Above and Below: National Policy, Local Meanings, and Prevention Programs in Tanzania

Brandon Cohen
A Review and Evaluation of Amizade’s Community Partnerships: Prospects for Scaling-up

Janie Crocco
The Politics of Prostitution and Immigration: The Impact of Anti-trafficking Measures on African Women in Italy

Teo Dang Do
Benefits and Challenges of State Regulation on Microfinance: A Comparison of International and Vietnamese Microfinance Institutions

Nancy Goedhart
Beyond Thou Shall Not: An Analytic Overview of Faith-based Organizations in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Andria Gonzales
Power Dynamics among Stakeholders and Perspectives of Environmental Degradation in Eloor, Kerala, India

Merlinda Hoco
Highly Educated and Unemployed: Assessing Persistent Gender Inequalities in Albania

Bindiya Jha
Social Marketing for Girl’s Education Projects

Matthew Keith
Can Food Sovereignty Help Solve the Problem of Food Insecurity?

Leia Landro
No place to Call Home: Exploring the Livelihood Strategies and Needs of Nepal’s Conflict-Induced Internally Displaced Persons
Anita Malpani
Gendered Food (In) Security in Telangana

Jenna Mosely
Transnationalism and Identity Development in Immigrant and Refugee Youth: Challenges, Resources, and Project Funding

Peter Mugume
Exploring the Role of Decentralization in Environmental Management in Rwanda: Case of the Bugesera District

Anne Murenha
An Analytical Review of Policy Responses to Urban Environmental Issues in Zimbabwe from an Ecosystem Perspective

Loi Thi Nguyen
Star Anise Production and Market Accessibility: Farmers in Van Quan District, Lang Son Province, a Mountainous Area in Vietnam

Bernardo Nieuwland
Analyzing the Powers of Participatory Development in the Neoliberal Post-Colonial City: A Comparative Analysis between Two Participatory Projects in Lima and Nairobi

Luke Pekrul
Perceptions of U.S. Consumption and Poverty in the Third World: Views of U.S. Christians Engaged in Third World Social Justice Initiatives

Maureen Pepin
Teaching the ‘Other’: Multicultural Education and Curriculum Reform in the State of Texas

Allison Petrozziello
Feminized Financial Flows: Gender Dimensions of Remittance Management in Honduran-U.S. Transnational Families

Mariam Rana
Multiple Roles, One Woman: Female Activism and the Impact of Cross- Border organizing on women in the Maquiladoras

Anna Royer
Exploring Policies for Keeping Cambodian Girls in Lower Secondary Schools

Sona Shah
Diaspora Nationalism: A Look at Hindutva in the United States

Sarah Stewart
Livelihoods, Coping Strategies, and Processes of Change Following Hurricane Dean, Southern Yucatan, Mexico, August 2007

Mohan Kumar Sunuwar
Social Exclusion and Indigenous People’s Movement in Nepal

Fayaz Taher
Recommendations for Faster Development in Bangladesh

Dalavieng Thiladej
A Case Study in Decentralization, Governance, Public Administration, and Reform in Laos

Allison Towle
Parallel Paths and Blind Intersections: Prostitution, Migration, Policy, and the State

Mischa Tripoli
The Immigration Quandary: NAFTA, Mexican Immigration, and Beyond

Christopher Troendle
How Agricultural Practices Influence Food Security in The Gambia

Laya Zayer
Assessing the Efficacy of Human Rights Campaigns: The Case of China and Darfur

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[ Spotlight Profile ]

Lawrence Were
(IDSC '10)

Lawrence Were characterizes IDCE as a place that encourages students to think critically. He says: "In our Development Theory class, we criticized mainstream development, which was fun, but also somewhat frustrating. The most frustrating thing was that I was interested in solutions to the world's problems—solutions that drive social change."

However, after a while it became clear to Lawrence that the world is too multi-dimensional to expect easy answers to the problems we face. So, driven by his desire to explore different perspectives and skill sets that could bring new light to social issues, he pursued a directed study on social entrepreneurship within Clark's Graduate School of Management.

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