Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment (GISDE)

GISDE Internships

In spring 2008, Nan Deng (GISDE/M.A. ’08) worked as an intern with the City of Worcester. Nan assisted the GIS Manager, Shane White, in building a public website mainly for querying parcel information and exploring the relationship between different geographic features. “I'm glad that the GISDE program provides us this internship option that also helps to build a friendly relationship with the City of Worcester.” Also receving an internship with the City of Worcester was Anita Malpani (IDSC/M.A. '08).

Oh Kim (GISDE/M.A. '08) was a software tester and a research assistant at Clark Labs during his studies. While there, he worked on the Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS and participated in the Conservation International Project as a research assistant, which concerns Carbon Credits estimation based on land-use/cover change modeling. He turned this experience into his M.A. final project.

Alicia Simonti (GISDE/M.A. '08) was a software tester for IDRISI at Clark Labs. Of her experience, she offered, “Over the summer, I specifically tested IDRISI's Land Change Modeler for use as an extension in ESRI's ArcMap. During the coming academic year I worked on testing the newest version of IDRISI, not yet released. As a tester, I ran through the program repeatedly in order to find bugs. Once bugs are found, I look deeply into the software to try to determine exactly where internally the bug is happening. Overall, I have learned a great deal from this position and I feel that it has been a key part of my educational experience here at Clark.”

Marlon Ortega (GISDE/M.A. '08) interned with Amigos de Iracambi in Brazil.  

Eric Solatka (GISDE/M.A. '08) interned with the Boston Public Health Commission.

Shaimma Ahmed (GISDE/M.A. '08) interned with ESRI in Relands, California.

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Claire Brill (GISDE '08)

Claire Brill (GISDE ‘08) is now the GIS analyst for the City of Worcester. While a student in the GISDE program, she won second place at the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association Student Paper Competition for her project Using GIS to Contrast Perceived Versus Preferred Priorities for Brownfield Redevelopment in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The paper, which came about through her involvement with the City of Worcester’s Mayor’s Brownfields Roundtable, compares the perceived priorities of decision-makers with the stated desires of stakeholders concerning brownfield redevelopment in Worcester. 

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