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Ronald Eastman, Ph.D.


Professor of Geography

Phone:(508) 793-7310

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    • Ph.D. Boston University

    Research Interests

    Decision support systems, land use/land cover change modeling, classifiers for image processing, uncertainty management in image classification, uncertainty management in GIS, technology transfer for international development, dynamic modeling, agent-based modeling, neural networks, ecology and GIS


    Professor Ronald Eastman received his Ph.D. from Boston University in 1982. He joined the department in 1981 and served as Director of the Graduate School of Geography from 1998-2002. His interests include geographic information systems, remote sensing, and cartography . He is the Director of Clark Labs within the George Perkins Marsh Institute and its associated projects for the development, production and support of the Idrisi and Cartalinx software programs. Idrisi for Windows is the largest-selling raster-based GIS in the world with more than 35,000 users. Dr. Eastman is also a Visiting Professor at the Department of Resources and Environmental Sciences at Beijing Normal University. He has worked extensively in the area of GIS development and its applications, particularly in an international development setting. Through UNITAR, UNEP and USAID, he has participated in field work throughout Asia, South America and Africa.

    Awards/Grants/Research Projects

    Analysis and Interpretation of Hyperspectral Imagery for Mapping Distributions of Fraxinus Species and Emerald Ash Borer Host Trees
    Funding Agency: United States Department of Agriculture's Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service

    Gypsy Moth Risk Mapping for Uninfested Portions of the United States
    Funding Agency: United States Department of Agriculture's Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service

    Landuse Modeling and Prediction for Biodiversity Conservation in the Andes
    Funding Agency: Conservation International

    Eastman has extensive experience in GIS implementation in Africa, South America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Dr. Eastman is also a Fellow of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research

    Selected Publications

    Eastman, J.R., Van Fossen, M. E. and Solarzano, L.A., (2005) "Transition Potential Modeling for Land Cover Change", in GIS, Spatial Analysis and Modeling, D. Maguire, M. Goodchild and M. Batty, eds., (Redlands, California : ESRI Press) [in press].

    Eastman, J.R., Toledano, J., Crema, S., Zhu, H., and Jiang, H., (in press) "In-Process Classification Assessment of Remotely Sensed Imagery", GeoCarto International.

    Li, Z., and Eastman, J.R., (submitted) "Remotely Sensed Imagery Classification Using an Improved Self-Organizing Map", submitted to Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing.

    D. Lawrence, H. Vester, D. Pérez-Salicrup, R. Eastman, B. L. Turner II, and J. Geoghegan. (2003) Integrated Analysis of Ecosystem Interactions with Land-Use Change: The Southern Yucatán Peninsular Region. In Ecosystem Interactions with Land Use Change, G. Asner and R. DeFries, eds., Geophysical Monograph Series 153, 277-292 (Washington, D.C.: American Geophysical Union).

    Eastman, J.R., (2003) IDRISI : The Kilimanjaro Edition (Worcester MA: Clark University).

    Eastman, J.R., and Laney, R., (2002) "Bayesian Soft Classification for Sub-Pixel Analysis: A Critical Evaluation," Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 68, 11, 1149-1154.

    Eastman, J.R., Jiang, H., Zhu, H., Crema, S. and Toledano, J., (2002) "In-Process Classification Assessment (IPCA) using a Dempster-Shafer Decomposition of Classification Uncertainty", Proceedings, 29th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of the Environment, Buenos Aires, April 8-12, 2000.

    Eastman, J.R., (2002) "Analyzing Motion with Trend Surface Analysis", Analytical Notes, 1,

    Haan, N., Gumbo, D., Eastman, R., Toledano, J., and Snel, M., (2002) Linking Geomatics and Participatory Social Analysis for Environmental Monitoring-Case Studies from Malawi, Cartographica, 37, 4, 21-32.

    Eastman, J.R., (2001) "Uncertainty Management in GIS: Decision Support Tools for Effective Use of Spatial Data ", Chapter 18 in Hunsaker, C., Goodchild, M., Friedl, M., and Case, E., eds, Spatial Uncertainty in Ecology: Implications for Remote Sensing and GIS Applications, (NY : Springer-Verlag), 379-390.

    Anyamba, A., Tucker, C.J., and Eastman, J.R., (2001) "NDVI Anomaly Patterns over Africa during the 1997/98 ENSO Warm Event", International Journal of Remote Sensing, 22, 10, 1847-1859.

    Eastman, J.R., (2001) "The Evolution of Modeling Tools in GIS", Directions Magazine, July 2001, (on-line magazine (

    Zhu, H., Eastman, J.R., and Toledano, J., (2001) "Triangulated Irregular Network Optimization from Countour Data using Bridge and Tunnel Edge Removal", International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 15, 3, 271-286.

    Eastman, J.R., (2001) IDRISI32 : IDRISI for Workstations, Release 2 (Worcester MA: Clark University).

    Eastman, J.R., (2000) "Managing Uncertainty for Effective Use of Data in GIS", Proceedings, GISDECO IV.

    Jiang, H., and Eastman, J.R., (2000) "Application of Fuzzy Measure in Multi-Criteria Evaluation in GIS", International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 14, 2, 173-184.


    Community Development and Planning
    Spatial Database Development

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